E-QUIP Community Arts is a registered Charity (No 1137572). If you would like to help us financially please click the link or contact us about ongoing regular support

E-Quip seeks to use the performing arts to engage with people from all walks of life. We look to draw people together and provide opportunities for those who ordinarily may not get the chance to be part of the arts, learning new skills and growing in confidence along the way. We work with schools and community groups, churches and other Christian organisations. We seek to use the performing arts to raise self esteem and build confidence in individuals and our goal is to enable grounded birds to fly.

E-Quip sets out to use the performing arts to creatively communicate the Christian faith. We seek to use drama, dance, music, film... basically anything creative to tell people about the faith we have discovered and introduce them to the God we believe in.

Enabling grounded birds to fly