2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower ship from the West Quay in Southampton as it headed off to the Americas and we are going to be marking this with two different performances...



This originally written production tells the real life stories of some of the pilgrim passengers; their struggles and beliefs and how they persevered in the face of adversity to discover freedom in a new land. We look at the history of the time and discover why these Christian believers felt the need to escape from Scrooby, here in England, to Leiden in Holland before setting sail on the Mayflower in search of freedom and their heaven on earth. 

The production will use a rhythmic delivery of script and original songs to carry audiences on the journey that these pilgrims traveled. The script has been well researched and includes many of the historical characters that are known to have played a part in this story. The vision is that the production will educate people about the history as well as challenge them about their own journeys and where we place our faith and hope along the way.

The final dates and venue for the production are still being finalized but we are excited to see this production take to the stage as part of the wider Mayflower 400 events that are taking place in Southampton.


Following on from the successes of 'One Man's Passion' and 'One Man's Nativity' last year, this new creation will take audiences on the journey of those first pilgrim passengers that sailed on the Mayflower.


The 30 minute performance will see one man, Neil, act, sing and maybe even dance his way through the story; from the gatherings in Scrooby through to the first sight of Cape Cod after 65 days at sea. With a well researched script and many costume changes and different accents, we'll meet many of the key characters that were part of this moment in history.


The performance is simple to host and is ideal for events indoors or outdoors, in churches, schools or community centers... wherever there is space and an audience, Neil will arrive, set up and perform!


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